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    Hi Elizabeth and all! I like the "teach the teacher" intervention which to me feels nondirective even though you play a big role in it. Basically its about having the client teach you about something in his world (usually this easy as my tweens are ...

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    Any play therapy suggested resources for teens into cutting? Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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    What are your favorite resources on telling a 8 yo child that he will soon be a big brother? Thank you. ------------------------------ Tony Lai, LPC Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor Reflection Counseling and Consulting PO Box 411 McMinnville, OR ...

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    Great ideas! I've used the anxiety monster and the wise guy. Same jist. I like the comic strip component. Nice extension of the activity. Thanks for sharing! Stacey B. Shapiro, LCSW, LLC Effective Tools For Finding Peace www.StaceyBShapiro.com ...

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    In this situation, I will often teach the child about shame, which is an emotion rarely discussed outside of therapy. Then I use a narrative therapy approach, where we externalize shame by creating a "shame monster". The shame monster is the one who calls ...

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