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    Good morning, Thank you for pointing the way. Have a lovely weekend. Rose ------------------------------ Rose Marie Ahrens www.playtherapyoberursel.com ------------------------------

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    http://www.nationalcac.org/, Nationalcac National Children's Advocacy Center The National Children's Advocacy Center is a non-profit organization that provides training, prevention, and ...

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    Also, for clinical assistance, read anything that Dr Eliana Gil has put out. She has great interventions for traumatized kids. ------------------------------ Christy Graham President Acorn Counseling Education Services CORINTH TX 940-222-8703 ------ ...

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    Ok, I've got a crazy question. I have two play rooms-one for older children with activity toys and one for younger children with more figures. The question is, how many figures is too many? I've been practicing for 17 years and while I don't buy them ...

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    I'd call the LCSW in question and ask directly. Sounds like you may have a high conflict personality in there who is stirring the pot. The key in court involved cases is face to face interactions and knowing the other professionals on the case. Then you ...

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